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Truck Alignment Kit

This kit is essential for complete alignment of freight vehicles.

In combination with a wheel aligner, it allows users to adjust the vehicle’s alignment in relation to the axis of symmetry of its chassis. This is essential to deal with misalignment of the rear axle, which causes the vehicle to “run crooked”.

The kit comprises a set of universal tools suitable for use on all types of trucks, trailers, semitrailers and buses.

The software provided contains a range of adjustment procedures to cover the requirements of all types of vehicle.

The measurement sensors are the same as for cars.

Adjustment measurements are displayed “live” and the angle values are updated continuously.

The databank is specially designed for trucks and includes the diversification between the left and right half-toe values, to meet the needs of hydraulically controlled steering axles.

Technical Chaarcteristics

Magnetic connection with articulated head allowing the equipment to be fixed in tight spaces and in difficult conditions

Connection for semitrailer fifth wheel pins and trailer drawbar towing eyes

Extending fixing arm for adaptation to different chassis heights

Graduated bars for setting heads symmetrical in relation to the chassis

Guided alignment program, with and without accessories, for two and three-axle trucks, trucks with two steering axles, trailers with steering front axle (drawbar) and two and three-axle semitrailers

Program for electronic alignment of the “head support bars” in relation to the chassis

Capability for measurement of chassis alignment (members bent after accident)

Truck databank with over 1,500 models

Exceptional freedom of operation, users can switch between adjustments at will

Three different compensation modes: ROC, ROC 0 and ROC 4WD and repetition of compensation on just one wheel (ROC x1)

Steering angles measured automatically and directly by the heads without the use of electronic turntables

Data displayed in degrees, grades and millimetres

Graphic comparison between data read and databank values

Technical Data

Accessory dimensions

chassis connection bars




430x120x100 mm


head support bar

2860x50x30 mm


trailer connection

600x420x230 mm

Weight chassis

connection bar

2 kg


head support bar

4 kg


trailer connection

10.5 kg