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Artiglio Master MI

The Artiglio Master ends the age of levers, physical effort, worries about the delicate rims and dangerous stresses on tyres, and the headache of constantly having to deal with new rims in a fast-evolving sector.

The operating principle underlying this revolution is absolutely innovative and unique: electronic presetting of the wheel diameter followed by automatic positioning of all the tools, the lift that loads and unloads the wheel in the optimal position, automatically operated bead breaker unit with controlled penetration, the automatically operated tool head that mounts and demounts the tyres without a lever in sight;
and all this without the operator having to move from the working position, since all the controls are placed together on an ergonomic console that allows operation in complete safety, ensuring maximum accuracy and optimizing the times.


Furthermore, thanks to the new “MI POWERED SYSTEM” built-in inverter motors, the number of turns of the turntable under stress adjusts so as to keep the torque constant, with great benefits in particular for Low Profile and Run Flat tyres.
The automatic speed selection according to the effort required by the machine means ease of intervention

even on traditionally difficult tyres, as well as working time optimisation and energy saving compared to conventional motors.
We have improved what the others are still trying to achieve.

Technical Data

wheel dimension range


rim diameter

from 12” to 26”

maximum tyre diameter

1100 mm (*)

maximum tyre width

360 mm (14")

tyre types processed

conventional, Low Profile


and Run Flat







drive system

2-speed motoinverter

rotation torque

1100 Nm

rotation speed

7-18 rpm

bead breaker


maximum bead breaking range


bead breaker stroke

450 mm

bead breaker force

7600 N

wheel loading/unloading




maximum wheel weight

65 Kg

power supplì


electrical 1Ph

230V-0,98 kW 50Hz

electrical 1Ph (alternative)

110V-0,98 kW 60 Hz

pneumatic operating pressure

8÷9,5 bar (minimum)


450 kg (T.I. version 465 kg)

  This product has been certified by:


The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the characteristics of its products at any time.