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The SP2000 pneumatic presser - bead breaker is recommended above all for operating on extra low profile tyres and racing rims in light alloy, and especially on wheels fitted with pressure sensor. 

The bead is broken by the gradually increasing pressure and penetration of the disc against the tyre bead as the wheel is rotating; the bead breaker disc never touches the rim. What’s more, the programmed bead breaker arm travel stroke ensures absolutely no tyre damage, a feature recognised by the leading constructors. The SP2000 also greatly simplifies other procedures, such as mounting of the tyre’s top bead or demounting of the bottom bead, thanks to the assistance provided by the disc support arm. Quicker operation, more protection for the rim and less effort for the operator: these are the glowing credentials of the only pneumatic rotary bead breaker on the market. To further enhance its potential, it can be combined with other accessories designed for specific requirements, such as the SX1000 bead lifter or the KDP kit for PAX wheels.

Technical Characteristics


•  Bead breaker – Pneumatic rotary presser ideal for extra low profile tyres and light alloy racing rims 
•  Fully pneumatic operation 
•  For installation directly on the tyre changer  


SX 1000 
The SX1000 bead lifter has been designed to assist the operator above all during demounting of tyres’ second beads, when the first bead has already been demounted. The lifter arm fitted on the left-hand side of the machine raises the tyre to bring the bottom bead closer to the outside edge of the rim, thus facilitating demounting by the user. The SX 1000 can only be used in combination with the SP2000 bead breaker.

PAX for SP2000 wheel KIT 
Accessory for the demounting and mounting the new PAX SYSTEM RUN FLAT tyres for car and SUV wheels, for use exclusively on tyre changers complete with SP2000 bead breaker.  

Technical Data

bead breaker 
force on roller
7.000 N
operating pressure
    10 bar
      48 kg


Corghi reserves the right to modify the technical specifications of its products at any time