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The INFLATRON tyre inflator is a precision electronic device that automatically inflates tyres to the required pressure, up to a maximum of 4 bar. The advantages of this inflation system are the increased precision provided by the electronic pressure control and the intrinsic safety due to the device’s accuracy. What’s more, if the pressure delivered is not sufficient to insert the bead of tubeless tyres, it can be increased until the operation is completed successfully. The INFLATRON is for installation directly on the tyre changer, with the aid of a support. 


Technical Characteristics

•  Precision electronic device for inflating and deflating any type of car tyre  
•  Control panel with keypad and display
•  Pressure gauge with dual scale in BAR/PSI
•  For installation on tyre changer with
own mounting kit  

Technical Data

maximum inflation pressure
4 bar
operating pressure
    8-10 bar
    5,1 kg
power supply electrical 1ph 200/230 V - 0,3 kW
  electrical 1ph   110/115 V - 0,3 kW

Corghi reserves the right to modify the technical specifications of its products at any time