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Special tool for tube-type and supersingle wheels. The HD600 tyre changer is Corghi’s response to the needs of large road transport groups and mobile service centres. 

Designed and built for fleets and truck and bus maintenance services, it is compact and lightweight and therefore ideal for jobs on customers’ premises. It is electrohydraulically operated and the controls are all located together on a low-voltage portable unit. It works with the wheel kept in vertical position, and wheels are clamped by means of the special spindle with hand-operated mechanical clamping system. The HD600 uses a special roller for all mounting, demounting and bead breaking operations, and is fitted with a specific tool for tube-type and supersingle wheels. The roller arm has three working positions to work on the tyre’s inside or outside bead. 


Technical Chaarcteristics

•  Semiautomatic tyre changer for truck and bus wheels 
•  Surprisingly compact and lightweight in relation to its performance 
•  Electrohydraulic operation 
•  Portable control unit separate from the machine 
•  Wheel clamped by means of hand-operated mechanical clamp 
•  Roller tool for mounting, demounting and bead breaking 
•  Three-position roller arm with manual clamping 
•  Complete with special tool for tube-type and supersingle wheels

Technical Data

tool arm
lengthways stroke 670 mm
670 mm
  lengthways travel/working speed  52 mm/s
    maximum lengthways bead breaking force on inside  15,000 N
    maximum lengthways bead breaking force on outside  21,000 N
    clamping  manual
    clamping positions  2

clamping system 
    rotation motor  1.1 kW
    rotation speed  6 rpm
    rotation torque  1,700 Nm
    clamping element  4 clamps
    clamping capacity  from 13" to 26"
    maximum tyre diameter  1,300 mm
    maximum tyre width  600 mm
    maximum wheel weight  1,000 kg
    wheel central hole minimum Ø  140 mm
    spindle shaft minimum working height  350 mm

control unit
    electric motor  1.1 kW
    oil tank  6 l

control module

command transmission 
by cable
    electrical voltage  24 V
    weight  8 kg

power supply
electrical 3ph 
230/400 V - 2,2 kW

noise level
in operating conditions
£70 dB (A)



400 kg

Corghi reserves the right to modify the technical specifications of its products at any time