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The DV 120 pneumatic bead presser has been produced to simplify the demounting and mounting of wheels with a large distance between the drop centre and the shoulder. It allows easier bead positioning, providing much smoother operation and saving the operator a great deal of effort. Designed to improve conditions for work on rims and tyres, nowadays it has become an essential tool for tyre professionals in search of a versatile, safe pneumatic bead presser capable of working on all types of rim. The thrust is generated by a double-acting pneumatic cylinder operated by a hand lever.

  Technical Characteristics

•  Lever-operated pneumatic bead presser Operates on all kinds of rim 
•  Easily portable, lightweight and compact 
•  Pressure generated by a double-acting pneumatic cylinder

Technical Data

maximum opening
120 mm 
shoe force   708 kg
operating pressure
  from 8 to 10 bar


Corghi reserves the right to modify the technical specifications of its products at any time