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EM 7040

A display balancing machine with an excellent quality/price ratio, the EM7040 is ideal for vehicle repair workshops, tyre repair centres and service stations.
The dual display control panel is designed for intuitive use of all the functions available.
Automatic acquisition of wheel diameter and distance, low balancing speed, Alu-P, accelerated OPT and the Shift Plane and Hidden Weight programs are just some of the features of this compact, functional machine.

Principal characteristics

- Electronic balancing machine with microprocessor for off-vehicle wheels of cars, vans and motorcycles.
- Low balancing speed (98 rpm) to reduce wheel spin times, reduce the risks due to rotating parts and save energy.
- Automatic gauge for measuring the distance and the diameter and for the application of the adhesive weights in Alu P programs.
- Automatic wheel clamping at the end of the spin.
- Wheel-holder shaft clamping brake.
- Side flange holder.
- Cover with trays to take weights of all kinds and the most commonly used accessories.
- Mini-anvil for repairing clip weights.
- Automatic start when protective guard is lowered.
- Dual luminous digital display.
- Simple, user-friendly keyboard for data input and program selection.
- Processing unit with 16 bit microprocessor.
- Resolution: 1 g (1/10 oz).
- Unbalance values displayed in grams or ounces.
- Option of displaying unbalances rounded up/down.
- Balancing modes available:
Standard dynamic on both sides of the rim
Alu / Alu P seven different options for alloy wheels (with profile measurement)
Dyn. Moto dynamic on both sides for motorcycle rims
Alu Moto dynamic on both sides for motorcycle alloy rims
Static on one plane only.
- "Shift Plane" program (in Alu P mode) for use of weights in multiples of five grams, with no need for partial cuts (Corghi Patent).
- "Hidden Weight" program (in Alu P mode) which subdivides the adhesive weight for the outside into two equivalent weights concealed behind the spokes of the rim.
- "Accelerated OPT" program for optimising wheel running noise levels.
- Utility programs:
• calibration;
• service;
• diagnostics.
- Pneumatic ring nut (on request) for automatic wheel clamping. Alternative solution to the conventional automatic Quick Lock system
- Optional pneumatically operated TT50 wheel lift with lifting capacity up to 70 kg. Lifts the wheel and centres it precisely on the balancing machine shaft.


Technical Data

Balancing speed:

98 rpm

Maximum unbalance value calculated:

999 g


1 g

Average spin time:

7 s

Shaft diameter:

40 mm

Rim width setting range:

1,5" ÷ 20"

Rim diameter setting range:

1" ÷ 23"

Maximum wheel/machine distance:

290 mm

Maximum wheel width (with guard):

510 mm

Maximum wheel diameter (with guard):

925 mm

Maximum wheel weight:

65 kg

Power supply:

100/115/230 V 1ph

Total power absorption:

250 W

Weight of the machine (with guard):

79 kg