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EF 14

Electronic finish balancer for cars, trucks and buses, the EF14 is designed for balancing specialists.
It allows the elimination of minimum unbalances on all vehicles, including heavy vehicles.
The two-speed motor-drive wheel spin is equipped with a hydraulic coupling which allows a gradual spin without damaging the tyre’s side.

Principal characteristics

- Electronic finish balancer for car, truck and bus wheels.
- Can be used with sensor heads:
• P21 and HPU for balancing car and light transport van wheels.
• L32 for balancing truck wheels
- Pulley profile designed for optimal match with all tyre types.
- Oleodynamic coupling which allows gradual power transmission from the motor to the wheel without tyre damage.
- Bodywork fitted on shock-absorbers for improved operator comfort.
- Re-entering swivel wheel to allow easy handling in confined spaces and maximum stability during the spin cycle.
- Two-speed motor which allows gradual acceleration and wheel balancing even at low rpm.
- Motor equipped with a thermal overload cut-out.
- Motor commanded by a remote control switch which automatically releases in case of power failure.
- Button activated electromagnetic brake.
- Removable control console for balancing the driving wheel from inside the passenger compartment.
- Control panel integrated with digital display and keypad.
- Liquid crystal display (LCD) which shows any unbalance values and relative position, via an approved clock system.
- Cable data transmission.
- Processing unit with 16 bit microprocessor.
- 5 g threshold with view option of below limit values.
- Unbalance value display in grams or ounces.
- Unbalance position detection via a modulated infrared optic system.
- Display of wheel running direction and relative speed.
- Manual setting for machine sensitivity.
- Automatic acquisition of unbalance values at a pre-set rotation speed.
- Calibration program with differentiated weights (30 g, 300 g, 150 g) depending on wheel type.
- Simultaneous wheel balancing of a vehicle’s driving wheels thanks to the optical sensor head ROT (on request)
- Programs for calibrating the two wheels independently. This is carried out at a pre-set rotation speed.

Technical Data

Maximum balancing speed:

150 km/h

Maximum unbalance value calculated:

299 g


1 g

Power supply:

230/400 V 3Ph

200 V 60Hz 3Ph

415 V 50Hz 3Ph

Total power absorption

3,7 ÷ 4,7 kW


115 kg