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BB 400

General description
- Balancing machine specially designed for motorbike wheels, extremely compact and very easy to use even on car wheels
Low-speed balancing
- Motor-powered wheel spin
- Hand-operated brake for locking wheel shaft
- Manual device for measuring distance and diameter, with retracting extension for balancing car wheels
- Digital liquid crystal display  (LCD) and LEDS
- Six balancing modes available, four for car/motorbike rims and two exclusively for motorbike rims
- "SPLIT WEIGHT" and "HIDDEN WEIGHT" programs for dividing the weight into two equal parts for placing beside and/or behind the rim spokes
- OPT programs for optimising operating noise reduction (std and high-speed)
- Simple, quick sensitivity calibration program

Technical data
Power supply voltage: 115/230 V 1ph
Total power: 200 W
Balancing speed: 98 - 140 rpm
Average wheel spin time (with 5"x14" wheels): 9 sec
Shaft diameter: 38 mm
Machine dimensions:
- width: 870 mm
- depth: 580 mm
- height: 945 mm
Working range:
- rim width: from 1.5" to 20"
- rim diameter: from 1" to 23"
- maximum measurable car wheel distance: 230 mm
- maximum measurable motorbike wheel distance: 330 mm
- maximum wheel weight: 65 kg
Machine weight (without accessories): 52 kg