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BL 600

General description
- Electrohydraulic lift with vertical movement and scissors mechanism
- With exclusive mechanical system for reducing speed during final stage of descent
- "Dead man" type controls
- Lifting runway incorporating wheel-changing hatch
- Non-slip retainer rim for side stand
- Retractable access ramp to reduce space occupation with lift raised
- Manual front wheel fixing clamp which can be placed in different positions on the lifting runway
- Bottom limit stop with buffer pads
- Constant descent speed regardless of size of load lifted
- Front wheel stop
- Mechanical safety device which sets the lift in a safe position in case of hydraulic circuit failure
- Safety valve which prevents uncontrolled downward movements if a hydraulic line breaks.

Main optional accessories
- Side extensions for lifting city cars, gardening equipment (ride-on mowers etc.) and three-wheeled motor vehicles
- Support extension for side stands of custom models
- Spent oil recovery tank
- Set of motorbike fixing belts
- Drive-through kit
- Pneumatic front wheel fixing clamp

Technical data
Maximum width: 800 mm
Maximum length: 2680 mm
Maximum height: 1200 mm
Minimum height: 155 mm
Lifting runway (length x width): 2260 x 800 mm
Lifting runway with side extensions (length x width): 2260 x 1460 mm
Maximum capacity: 600 kg
Raising/lowering time: 30 sec
Lift weight: 250 kg
Operating voltage: 230-400V/3Ph/50-60Hz
Power absorption: 0.75 kW
Supply pressure: 8 - 10 bar