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BT 800

General description
- Brake test bed for motorbikes, from scooters to high-power bikes

- Works with wheels from 8" to 24" on motorbikes up to 1000kg and is able to measure a maximum braking force of 3000N (300kg)
- Roller coating specially developed to prevent damage to tyres
- Two pneumatic front and rear wheel fixing systems simplify the test and lock the motorbike to the runway
- Two control consoles in line with the wheels guarantee top efficiency in all situations
- Complete with sensors for dynamic measurement of motorbike weight (up to 500kg per wheel)
- Approved by the Italian Ministry of Transport
- Available as accessory for an existing CORGHI car testing line
Available in in-floor or on-floor versions
- Prefitted for operation in connection with speed test bed, phonometer and exhaust gas analyser
- Complete with A4 inkjet colour printer and Windows operating system

Technical data
Built-in weighing function: Yes
Maximum capacity: 5,000N
Wheel diameter: 200 mm
Roller coating: Epoxy resin (lifetime > 50,000 spins)
Roller position: Staggered
Diameter of wheel for testing: From 8" to 24"
Roller distance: 400 mm
Roller usable length: 375 mm
Roller grip coefficient: > 0.6 on wet tyres, 0.8 on dry tyres
Roller peripheral velocity: 5 km/h
Wheel stop device at end of rollers : Yes
Braking force full scale: 3.000N
Braking force resolution: 10N
Zero calibration: Automatic
Full scale of pedal and lever effort measuring devices: 500N
Resolution of pedal and lever effort measuring devices: 1N
Display: Monitor 15"-17"
Operating temperature: 0° ÷ 40° C
Wheel tyre fixing system:
Number of devices: 2 (1 per wheel)
Clamping force: > 200kg
Length: 1,200 mm
Wheel clamping platform height: 80 mm
Clamp control stations: 2 (h = 1m)