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A portable wheel aligner for cars and trucks, the EXACT 28 checks the characteristic angles of cars and trucks with wheelbase up to 12 m.

It uses infrared CCD sensors which guarantee accuracy and a wide toe measurement range. A radio (wireless) version is also available, allowing exceptional freedom of movement and user-friendliness.

The EXACT 28 displays all the data of an axle simultaneously for total control during the adjustment phase, and head levelling is electronically controlled.

The push-mode RUNOUT compensation procedure provides greater precision and speed of use.

Its compact size makes it compatible with all working environments: large service centres, car dealerships, repair workshops and tyre specialists.

Its tough rubber guard and handy connection hook mean it can be placed in the most convenient operating position even when working underneath the vehicle.


The luminous data display and graphic symbols aid reading in all ambient light conditions.

It works perfectly where space is limited or in outdoor truck service yards, and is the ideal tool for working at the customer’s premises.

The EXACT 28 is compatible with truck accessories for axle adjustment in relation to the chassis, and is able to align vehicles with two steering axles.

Various accessories, such as the handy clamp/head trolley and A4 printer, are also available.

Technical Characteristics

Angle reading with infrared CCD sensors and 2-axis electronic inclinometer.

Portable reading and calculation unit.

0.01° data display.

Databank with more than 400 vehicles and car and truck data reference manual supplied.

Several colour display with four numerical display fields.

The measuring and control electronics are based on microprocessor circuit boards specially designed for a wheel aligner.

Exceptional operating freedom, the user can switch between adjustments at will.

Three different compensation modes: ROC, ROC 0, push-mode ROC.

Repetition of compensation on just one wheel (ROC x 1).

Steering angle measured automatically and directly by the heads; no need for electronic turntables.

Data displaced in degrees, grades, millimetres and inches.

Graphic comparison between the data read and the databank values.

Full assortment of quick wheel clamps to meet all requirements.

Radio heads for maximum freedom of operation available on request. Data transmission is by a proven multi point radio system, with technology similar to that used in the latest cell-phones, allowing elimination of shadow zones.

Technical Data

Measuring ranges




half toe









king pin



set back



thrust angle



steering angle


Power supply

central unit

90-260 Vac (50-60 Hz)1ph


radio head battery

12 Vdc