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The great success of the range of car and van tyre changers in the automatic version, appreciated by thousands of professionals for their reliability and outstanding technical performance, and the need of some markets in particular to work on wheels of ever-larger size, has led to the development of this version of machine. 

This version has been designed on a machine structure well tried and tested on the various markets. The A2025 is a fully automatic tyre changer with pneumatically operated tilting column and 24" turntable, ideal for demounting car, SUV, van and motorcycle wheels. The machine’s new technical and ergonomic characteristics ensure unrivalled speed and convenience during mounting and demounting operations. The machine’s key characteristics lie mainly in the turntable, the wheel bead breaking unit, and above all in the general reinforcement of the machine’s structure. The turntable installed as standard uses a patented system allowing to work on all tyre types from 10" to 24" changing the working range from 10"- 20" to 14" 24" by a simple operator procedure. Its new shape is designed to assure users working on large-diameter wheels easier, quicker wheel positioning during bead breaking, and above all the minimisation of the size of the plate fitted to the machine. 

The bead breaker installed on the machine as standard is fitted with a new component which allows the length of the fixed arm shoe to be extended. This feature is extremely useful and gives optimal results when working on large wheels and SUV wheels. It also ensures that the bead breaker shoe is always in exactly the right position in relation to the wheel, ruling out the risk of damage to the tyre and/or rim. This function is faster and safer. What’s more, the dual-position telescopic rim support (CORGHI patent) is extremely useful for breaking the beads of all types of wheel up to a maximum width of 14". The mount/demount head fitted on the machine as standard is designed to protect even the most delicate rims, through the use of interchangeable plastic parts for the inner surfaces in contact with the rim during tyre mounting/demounting. What’s more, for maximum rim protection, the machine comes complete with plastic guards for all parts which might damage the rim during the various working stages, such as the turntable clamps, the bead breaking shoe and the bead lifting lever. Details such as the taller cast clamps and interchangeable clamping zones reflect the priority given to ergonomics, safety and low operating costs. Last but not least, the new design of the casings on the front of the machine and at the base of its tilting column give a more innovative look and improved ergonomics.


Technical Characteristics:

•  Automatic tyre changer with pneumatic tilting column and 24" turntable. 
•  Turntable 675 mm above the ground 
•  Sliding supports with interchangeable clamping zones 
•  Taller cast clamps
for better rim clamping from inside and outside Inside and outside of clamps totally protected by •  plastic guards to prevent damage to the most delicate rims 
•  New turntable system (CORGHI patent) with two pneumatic cylinders capable of clamping any type of rim securely 
•  Pneumatically-operated tilting arm support column
with high torsional rigidity in all working positions 
•  Telescopic horizontal arm for rapid positioning of the head in relation to the rim 
•  Simultaneous pneumatic locking
of horizontal and vertical head arms, with automatic head positioning in the ideal working position 
•  Head with interchangeable plastic parts to protect rims 
•  Bead breaking unit with extending shoe
and pneumatic cylinder in stainless steel 
•  Dual-position telescopic bead breaker support
(CORGHI patent) for breaking the beads of wheels up to a maximum width of 14" 
•  Available with traditional inflation or T.I. bead insertion and inflation system 

•  Available in electrically or pneumatically operated versions and in DV version with two-speed motor

 Technical Data

inside clamping capacity 
from 13" to 26"
outside clamping capacity  from 10" to 24"
maximum tyre diameter  1100 mm / 43"
maximum tyre width  360 mm / 14"
DV version rotation torque  1300 Nm
rotation speed  8 rpm
  DV version rotation speed    from 6 to 15 rpm
  height above the ground    675 mm

bead breaker

Fixed arm with extending shoe
    maximum opening    380 mm
    shoe force    15,500 N
    support    telescopic

tworking range 
from 8" to 26"
    column    pneumatic tilting
  head clamping    pneumatic

power supply
 electrical 3ph 
230/400 V - 0.75 kW
    electrical 1ph    110/230 V - 0.75 kW
    electrical 1ph DV version    230 V -0.75 kW
    pneumatic    on request

operating pressure
10 bar


259 Kg
Corghi reserves the right to modify the technical specifications of its products at any time