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With the model HD 1400 E Corghi has developed a new range of truck and construction machinery tyre changers with the outstanding performance, reliability and safety characteristics that, together with cutting-edge technology and quality, have made it the world's leading manufacturer of this type of equipment.

The technical features adopted and the quality of the materials used are the strong points of this machine, designed to fully satisfy even the market's most heavyduty requirements, with a very impressive quality/price ratio. This semiautomatic tyre changer is suitable for mounting and demounting truck, bus, agricultural and construction equipment wheels up to a maximum wheel width of 1470 mm. The new hydraulic power unit is installed on the machine to reduce floorspace requirements. Its special rotational movement and the vertical position of the solenoid valve unit make any servicing quicker and more convenient.
The stand-by function introduced

on this version assures considerable energy saving and cuts power unit noise emissions. Turntable rotation is driven by an electric brake motor capable of an impressive working torque. The two different speeds mean the operator can always work in the most effective way for the wheel size. The new-design clamps allow operation on all types of rim, and above all allow a diameter of 110 mm to be clamped without any need for special adapters.
The tool arm moves in synchrony with the spindle carriage and in the opposite direction for quicker operation. The nodular cast iron tool arm has an overhanging bead breaker disc mounted on self-lubricating bushings to ensure durability and smooth travel. The disc's unusual design and new working angle have been specifically developed to allow the best possible penetration between the rim edge and tyre bead. What's more, its rounded outer profile prevents damage to or jamming against the tyre wall. The tool's new, longer shape allows it to engage with and extract any kind of bead without damage. Tool rotation is automatically controlled. The HD 1400E tyre changer is available with commands transmitted by cable or radio. The new radio kit for use on the machine has become an optional accessory, independent from the machine itself.


Semiautomatic tyre changer for drop-centre rims and tubelesstyre van, truck and bus wheels, and wheels with cylindrical rim with rim ring
Electrohydraulic operation
• Ergonomic portable control unit separate from the machine
Hydraulic power unit installed on the machine to take up less space
• Wheel clamping by means of
hydraulic turntable
Two-speed turntable rotation in both directions with
electric brake motor
• Steel tool arm
• Tool arm with
two clamping positions
Synchronised travel of tool arm and spindle carriage
• Manual tool positioning and rotation
Overhanging bead breaker disc mounted on selflubricating bushings
• Pressure gauge for monitoring hydraulic pressure
• Set of clamping rings for aluminium rims
• Independent radio version kit installed on request 950

Technical Data

tool arm

demount mode

with lever
  lengthways stroke 1.045 mm
  lengthways speed 130 mm/s
  lengthways working speed 60 mm/s
  maximum lengthways bead breaking force on inside 27.100 N
  maximum lengthways bead breaking force on outside 30.800 N
radial stroke 130 mm
rotation manual
clamping manual
clamping positions 2

spindle carriage

hydraulic lengthways stroke

1045 mm
lengthways speed 130 mm/s
  lengthways working speed 60 mm/s


clamping system

hydraulic turntable
rotation motor 1,5/2,2 kw
rotation speed from 3,5 to 7 rpm
speed rotation torque 5.300 - 3.400 Nm
clamping element 4 (clamps)
clamping capacity from 11" to 56"
clamping positions 4
maximum clamping force 59.200 N
maximum hydraulic pressure 140 bar
maximum tyre diameter  2.500 mm
maximum tyre width 1.470 mm
maximum wheel weight 1.200 kg
wheel central hole minimum Ø 110 mm
spindle shaft minimum working height 335 mm

Power unit

Stand-by function

operation electrohydraulic
motor 3,3/4 kw
adjustable hydraulic pressure from 90 to 140 bar
oil tank 12 l

control module

command transmission

by cable / radio
electrical voltage 24 V
weight 8 kg

power supply

elettrical 3ph

230/400 V - 6,5 kW


level in operating conditions

£70 dB (A)



1.160 kg

Corghi reserves the right to modify the technical specifications of its products at any time