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Total quality is a way of acting and thinking that involves the entire comkpany:

  • human resources
  • technological resources
  • financial resources

This mental and professional attitude permeates all Corghi sectors:

  • work environments
  • company organisation
  • investments

Attention focused on work conditionis a basic requisite foe any high-level company. This is the result of being fully aware that work carried out under less then optimum conditions reduces quality. Corghi has some of the most advanced and comfortable work enviroments and the factory of the future -silent, clean and efficient- is a tangible reality. Company organisation is designed, by choice, to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Work staff organisation is based on an efficient and dynamic structure. Roles are geared toward a multitasking approach: each operator receives training that allows him to carry out different tasks while maintaining a high level of professional skills. This angoing pursuit of excellence and flexibility continues along with the efforts to reduce time and to ensure a continuous high level of services and products.

Training personnel and collaborators becomes very important within this framework. At Corghi 1/3 of all employees has a university degree or higher diploma, 10% of personel are working in the research and development sector while no less than 18% of the turnover is invested in that sector.

Menagement focuses on "intelligence", fosters talent and invests in the professional skills of customers, suppliers and in-house collaborators, promoting continuing training programmes. A tight-knit team spirit plus genuine enthusiasm are the real secrets to the company's succes.