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Having understood for some time that machines serve man and not vice versa, Corghi provides its machines with customers professional requirements.

The initial phase of this process is very delicate: cellecting information, listening to customers, analysing the needs of operators - utmost attention is focused on the evolution of expressed and latent market needs.

During this phase, all the relative company functions act like antennas, capturing and recording even the weakest signals and needs that have not yet been clearly defined.

This is when the idea is created. Then, the project leaders ansd engineering staff members convert the idea into a design and the design into a product. Continuous improvement in fabrication processes and products is the foundation on which Corghi has based its reputation. The products are entirely conceived, designed and built by Corghi engineers: the electronic laboratory provides the company with complete designing independence and safeguards the acquired competitive advantages.

Excellence is achieved where quality is produced rather than controlled.

At Corghi, the pursuit of quality is shared by the operators, and is incorporated into the manufacturing process and the production equipment.