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Innovation is the main Corghi product. Thevehicle assistance equipment sector incorporates such a wide range of segments and areas that products must evolve continuously. The operators who choose Corghi include airline companies in some of the leading countries, the most competitive car and motorcycle racing teams, the large specialised automotive workshops and the most qualified tyre dealers: all require specific products. Thus, Corghi operating sectors are so diversified that the company must tackle and solve all the problems relative to vehicle direction and trim, diagnostics and adjustment of braking systems, suspension and exhaust emission.

The company is also involved in a wide range of areas in themechano-textile sector, including knitted-wear factories and textile companies. Corghi customers in this sector include small and medium size companies, industry giants and large manufacturing consortiums, all with different needs and a common goal: to maintain a leading position in the market by offering a COMPETITIVE and HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCT.

In all these cases the key to success is flexibility.
FLEXIBILITY means focusing on innovation, providing a wide and diversified range of technologically advanced instruments and offering a product developed to satisfy a specific need.

Corghi has accepted this challenge and is striving to improve constantly.

Every day.