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The best product does not create leadership unless it is supported by an excellent package of service. Corghi is also the leader in the world market thanks to the superior quality of the service offered to its customers, superiority that is obtained by combining two complementary factors: the proposed solutions and complete technical assistance.

Proposing solutions means:

  • not offering products, but work tools
  • promoting the safety of the end user
  • continuously striving to improve service capabilities.

Corghi considers work tools as advanced technologies, corresponding to precise professional requirements and used to the best of their potential.
In the company-managed training school, customers learn to control and fully utilise their work tools, taking an important step to beat the competition.

But that's not all.

These training projects are also the fundamental factors to help them carry out the most critical part of their job: guaranteeing the safety of the end user. A requirement that Corghi always takes into account during the design production, training and assistance phases.

Corghi considers improvement in service capacity in terms of evolution and expansion of the package of services: in addition to th ehigh number of services offered to the customers, Corghi also enhances the quality of each service.

Thus, the "service technician" becomes a perticulary important figure: not only a well-trained technician, but also a consultant who, within the company, is also fully aware of even the latent needs of the customers.

Technical assistance is an integral and fundamental part of the Corghi package of services and covers the entire range of customer needs:

  • Installation
  • assistance
  • handson machine training
  • improved performances
  • maintenance

For Corghi, the sales process ends only at the moment the customer comes back to buy, i.e. to replace a Corghi product with a new generation Corghi product. That is why the company considers expansion and strengthening of the assistance sector to be primary needs.