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The ERCO351 is an underbody lift with double scissors mechanism having lift capacity 3500kg.Versatile and compact, it is the ideal toolfor all servicing jobs both underneath the vehicle’s body and on the shock-absorbers,brakes and wheels.The runways are extendable to allow lifting of vehicles of all lengths.Available both in on-floor version withdrive-through ramps and in in-floor version for optimum use of workshop space.  

Main charachteistics

Underbody lift with double scissors mechanism.
Equipped with hydraulic runway self-levelling device
Runways extend to fit the length of the vehicle for lifting.
Equipped with anti-crushing safety device which stops the lift at a height of 450 mm above the ground duringlowering and requires a restart before continuing thedescent.
Available both in in-floor version and in on-floor versionwith drive-through ramps.
Joints have self-lubricating bushes to minimise maintenance.
Complete with emergency hand pump.

Technical data 

Maximum capacity

3500 kg

Motor power

3 kw

Electrical connection

400/230V 3ph 50

Ascent time

35 sec

Descent time

50 sec

Maximum operating pressure

300 bar

Max. pneumatic system pressure

10 bar

Hydraulic fluid tank capacity

20 l

Total weight

850 kg

Maximum height

2065 mm