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The outstandingly versatile ERCO 321 lifts are modern, essential items of equipment for tyre specialists, car repairers and car body workshops. With a lifting height of up to 1000 mm, they allow the operator to work in a comfortable,convenient position.In the on-floor version, the lift is just 105mm high in stowed position, meaning minimal space occupation and minimal interference with other operations. Available in 3 versions:ERCO 321 P, for on-floor installation.ERCO 321 I, for in-floor installation.ERCO 321 T, portable.

Main characteristics

Runway anti-misalignment device: the structure’s twin torsion bars prevent misalignment between the two runways exceeding 50 mm.
Hydraulic safety: a safety valve is installed on the liftcylinder drain port.
Mechanical safety: a rack and pawl cut out the suddendescent (within 100 mm of vertical travel) if hydraulicpipelines rupture or burst.
Anti-crushing device: in on-floor versions a tubular barrier keeps feet at a safe distance. In the in-floor version crushing is prevented by a beeper. 

Technical Data

Maximum capacity:                                  3200 Kg (ERCO 321 P - I)
                                                              3000 Kg (ERCO 321 T)
Runway dimensions:                                1420 x 460 mm
Maximum height:                                     1000 mm
Ascent time:                                            18 sec.
Motor power:                                            2.6 KW (3 Ph-400V-50Hz)
Noise level:                                              < 70 db (A)
Lift weight:                                               440 Kg

Set of 4 rubber pads H = 40 mm
Set of 8 expansion plugs for fixing to the ground
(for ERCO 321P – I only)
Set of 4 rubber pads H = 80 mm
Bar cover kit for on-floor version
Pair of cross-beams and pads for off-road vehicles
Pipeline extension kit L = 3500 mm
Emergency hand pump
Set of 4 ramps for cars with spoilers