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It has a capacity of 2500 kg, a maximum lifting height of 1180 mm and a height at rest of just 100 mm. It includes the following safety devices: torsion bar, mechanical guards every 10 cm, counterbalancing valve in the cylinder and microswitch for checking the runaway alignment that ensure high efficiency and safety standards. Emergency hand pump supplied as a standard.

Mechanical safety device consisting of a rack and pawl that cut out the sudden descent (within 100 mm of vertical travel) if the circuit hydraulic pipelines rupture or burst.

Hydraulic safety device consisting of the counterbalancing valve located at the lifting cylinder outlet to cut out the sudden descent of the lift if hydraulic pipelines rupture.

Electromechanical misalignment device for locking the lift descent and/or ascent in the event of runaway misalignment, which would cause a dangerous slope of the lifted car. Electromechanical anti-crushing device.

Electronic control device for the main lift features.

Main characteristics

Car and light transport vehicle lift, capacity up to 2500 kg.
• Maximum lifting height: 1180 mm, height at rest:only 100 mm.

Technical Data 

Maximum capacity

2500 kg

Runaway length

1580 mm

Runaway length with extension

2000 mm

Runaway width

542 mm

Distance between runaways

858 mm

Maximum lifting height

1180 mm

Ascent time

30 s

Oil tank capacity

5 l

Compressed air supply

10 bar

Motor power

1.1 kW

Lift weight

550 kg

Power absorption 220/380 50/60 Hz

1.2 kW