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The ERCO 25 TP lift is sturdy, steady andpractical to use. Designed to improveconditions for work on the wheels,nowadays it has become an essential toolfor tyre professionals and car repair garagesin search of a versatile, safe lift for anytype of cars, vans and off-road vehicles.

The lifting strength (2500 kg) isgenerated by an air spring that allowshigh capacity with a limited pressure power(maximum capacity achievable with just7 BAR).The perfectly symmetrical H-shapedstructure allows lifting from both sides ofthe lift.The control pedals feature an emergencybutton and an additional air inlet.Mobile access ramps allow finishingbalancing operations.The two-stage configuration of theramps allows lifting any vehicle, sportsones with low spoiler included, withouttouching the platform.    

Main characteristics


A mechanical safety device prevents the risks of accidentalvehicle falling in the event of an air pipeline breakage.
A relief valve calibrated at 7 BAR limits the pressureinside the air spring to the prescribed values, relieving anyexcess to the atmosphere.

Optional accessories:
Set of 4 adjustable revolving arms with automatic lock
Set of 4 high pads
Set of 4 low pads 

Technical Data 

Maximum capacity                                       2500 kg
Minimum height                                           115 mm
Maximum height                                          500 mm
Operating pressure                                       7 bar
Weight                                                        390 kg