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A compact and powerful equipment. It can lift up to 28 tons on the first stage and 18 on the second one.Starting from a very low lifting point (just 150 mm from the floor), it reaches a maximum lift of 457 mm with the aid of extensions supplied as a standard. Its overall dimensions are very small. The handle can be easily removed and the lift can be used for emergency service on the road.
The lifting system is of the multistage
vertical cylinder type. 


Technical Data 

Operating pressure 8.5÷10 bar
Air consumption per lift cycle 60 l
at a pressure of 8÷10 bar (480÷600 Nl)
Maximum capacity 1st stage 28000 kg
2nd stage 18000 kg
Minimum height 150 mm
Maximum height 1430 mm
Maximum length 1800 mm
Maximum width 297 mm
Weight 47 kg