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This equipment has a sturdy structure and excellent operability; it can work under any vehicle with a minimum height from floor of 175 mm. It is powerful, fast and designed according to the international accident-preventionstandards. Two easy-to-install 50 and 1000mm extensions increase the lifting range.
It uses a hydraulic system to achieve the quick approach to the lifting point.
It has small overall dimensions and its lifting range goes from 175 to 560 mm (with extensions).The lifting command is of the “dead man” type and uses a patented lowered system for even speed descent.The hydraulic circuit is equipped with a pressure relief valve which maintains a constant lifting power even if the pneumatic air supply pressure alters.The lifting system is of the multistage vertical cylinder type.


Technical Data 

Operating pressure 8÷10 bar
Air consumption per lift cycle 155 l
     at a pressure of 8÷10 bar (1240÷1550 Nl)
Maximum capacity 1st stage 20000 kg
2nd stage 38000 kg
3rd stage 60000 kg
Minimum height 175 mm
Maximum height 1780 mm
Maximum length 2215 mm
Maximum width 285 mm
Weight 86 kg