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• Hydraulic lift with vertical motion and scissor-mechanism
Provided with an exclusive mechanical system to decrease speed in the last descent step
"Dead-man" control.
• Lift with incorporated wheel changing hatch
Anti-slip edge for side stand
Retractable access ramp for smaller bulk when the lift is raised
• Front wheel locking hand clamp with multiple positioning on the lifting platform.
Bottom limit stop with shock absorbing pads
Constant descent speed, irrespective of the load lifted
• Front wheel stop
Mechanical safety device that puts the lift in safe position in the event of hydraulic circuit failure
Counterbalancing valve that trips to prevent uncontrolled movements in descent in the event of pipe breakage   

Main accessories on request
• Side extensions for lifting city cars, for garden equipment (small tractors, etc.) and for three-wheel motor vehicles.    
Stand support extension for custom models
• Exhaust oil recovery tank
Series of motorcycle locking belts
Drive-through kit
Pneumatic clamp for front wheel locking   

 Technical Data

Maximum width

800 mm

Maximum length

2720 mm

Maximum height

1200 mm

Minimum height

155 mm

Lift (length x width)

2300 x 800 mm

Maximum capacity

600 kg

Ascent/descent time

30 sec

Lift weight

250 kg

Operating voltage

230-400V/3Ph/50-60 Hz

Power absorption

0.75 kW

Air supply pressure

8-10 bar