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The BT 100 and BT90 for cars and vans up to a maximum weight of 4,000 kg per axle. Technologically at the state of the art, are fully controlled by a personal computer with Windows operating system.

Data acquisition is electronic and is based on the use of extensiometric load cells, assuring outstandingly precise measurements, excellent reliability and impressive resistance to overloads.

The brake test bench can also perform tests on vehicles equipped with ABS, and those with permanent 4WD.

It can be used individually or transformed into a complete vehicle testing line.

A program for managing visual inspections is also available. Additionally, it can be network-connected to other PCs, and using serial connections can manage additional testing equipment such as gas analysers, opacimeters, phonometers, rpm-counters, suspension testers and side slips.


Corghi reserves the right to modify the technical specification of their products at any time without prior notice.