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The GA750 is an exhaust gas analyser designed both for gas emission analysis and diagnostics on the engines of motor vehicles. The GA570's capability for network connection with other instruments and/or personal computers assures the user that his device will always be up to date from both the technological and the regulatory points of view. 
The   device's flexibility   and interfaceability allow connection of   the measurement cell and of the   opacity analyser for Diesel engines to   the serial lines also capable of   managing communications with other remote units (e.g. testing lines).   The GA570 analyser is compact and   small in size, and thanks to an   extremely powerful, flexible internal   unit it is able to perform checks and diagnostic procedures previously only   possible with the aid of more than one testing instrument. The vast range of software and   accessories available make the GA570   a versatile, expandable tool, able to   grow and adapt to the user's needs over time.  


Main features

-Exhaust gas analysis for petrol engines: OIML Class 0  
-Engine rpm reading.
-Engine oil temperature reading.  
-Testing downstream and upstream of catalytic converter (on request).  
-Opacity analysis for Diesel engines with connection to OP 770 exhaust gas analysis chamber (on request).
-Serial self-diagnostics of ECUs of
various makes.  
-Error and parameter reading, component switch-on, road tests, error deletion (on request).    
-Oscilloscope for electrical measurements
and graphic display (on request).    
-Connections: serial port for
  connection to modem 
- PS/2 serial
  RS485, parallel port for remote printers.  
-Infrared remote control.

Optional Accessories

  • Serial self-diagnostics kit comprising case, self-diagnostics connectors, operator's manual and technical information on ECUs loaded in databank. Software for:  

- error reading  
- parameter reading
- component switch-on
- data recording  
- error deletion  

  • Portable opacity analyser for Diesel engines, complete with cables and software for connection to GA570 central unit.

  • Oscilloscope 

  • Multimeter.

  • Single-channel oscilloscope for ignition, sensor and Lambda probe measurements.

  • Graphic multimeter for measuring voltage, current, pressure and temperature.  

  • Trolley for GA570.  

  • KIT of catalytic exhaust connections for collection of exhaust gases upstream of the catalytic converter.  

  • 4-way gas analysis connector for collecting exhaust gases upstream of the manifolds and performing analyses cylinder by cylinder.  

  • 6-way gas analysis connector for collecting exhaust gases upstream of the manifolds and performing analyses cylinder by cylinder.  

  • Universal rpm-meter for petrol and Diesel engines.