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It is the suitable tool to adjust and check car projectors; born from experience that CORGHI has been building up during these years in the automobile sector. The tool can test passing beam, driving beam and fog lights and inform the operator about the correct adjustment of the car lights. Correct adjustment means that projectors light up at best the road without disturbing those passing in the opposite direction.

Main Characteristcs

- Thorough analysis of passing beam, driving beam and fog lights.
- User-friendly,
supporting the operator for the whole test. 
- Digital luxmeter with candle and lux scale
- Preset for connection to a remote
- Self-supplied by 9V internal battery
and preset for external power supply. 
- Glass lens
- Autopower off.
- Available in 12 language.
- Test repeatability

Technical Data

- External power supply: 7,5 +/-16 Vdc
- Consumption: 30 mA at 9 Vdc
- 9V battery internal supply (transistor)
- Photometry: Measurement of light intensity with full scale of 150.000 cd and brilliancy of 240 Lux a 25m , accuracy
- Water level for chamber horizontal alignment.
- Unidirectional mobile base 

- Laser aiming for alignment with the projector
- Chamber range: 0,26 m
- Horizontal deviation adjustment of the light beam with accuracy of
±3 cm at a 10 m distance
- Vertical deviation adjustment of the light beam with accuracy of
±2 cm at a 10 m distance
- Size: 68x59x180
- Weight: 34 Kg.