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EXACT Wheel Alignment Software

The EXACT wheel Alignment Software is the market’s leading wheel alignment program.

User-friendly, quick, complete, flexible and reliable, it is truly unique of its kind.

User-friendly: select the vehicle and the EXACT Wheel Alignment Software will guide you through the wheel alignment procedure, step by step.

All with just one key, it’s child’s play!

Quick: the 32-bit software makes full use of all the potential of Windows® and the PC, guaranteeing unrivalled performance speed.

What’s more, the system can be custom-configured to recall only the essential functions, increasing productivity.


Flexible: the capability for configuring the functions of choice allows the program to adapt to every professional’s needs. The most skilled operators can exit the guided procedure at any moment, to use the functions they consider most appropriate.

the countless functions available cover all the professional’s needs. Its compatibility with all the automotive manufacturers’ special equipment make the Corghi wheel aligner universal.

Reliable: the professionalism of the Corghi engineers and the experience built up over 50 years in the business, on more than 150 markets all over the world, have generated a product that is extremely reliable even in the most extreme conditions.