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Weighing Kit


An essential accessory for adjusting the distribution of the carís weight over its four wheels.


The professional who prepares racing cars is well aware of the importance of suspension settings.

Distributing the carís weight over its four wheels correctly improves its performance.

This accessory, consisting of two weights, allows simultaneous adjustment of the suspensions on a given axle.

The aligner program then allows the carís other axle to be adjusted without any time-consuming adjustment of weight positions to allow for different car wheelbases.

The weights can be installed on Corghi lifts or on the floor.

Technical Data

(width x depth x height)

(individual weighing unit)

650x200x47 mm


Weight of kit

36 Kg

Functional characteristics

Individual weighing unit breaking strain

2000 Kg


Individual weighing unit working load

600 Kg



0.5 Kg