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Servo-assisted turntables for automatic, simultaneous locking of the slip plates in the central position (patented system)

The technologies used guarantee low friction and high wear-resistance, compliant with the requirements of the leading automotive producers. The turntable with manual locking is available in the same series.
Technical Characteristics

Turntable with pneumatic servo-mechanism to lock the slip plates in central position (patented system)

Shorter working times thanks to simultaneous locking of the two turntables(+)

Single control device for unrivalled user-friendliness and convenience

High-tech materials guaranteeing low friction and high wear-resistance

Performance compliant with the requirements of the leading automotive manufacturers

Electronic rotation transducer for reading maximum steering angle.

Technical Data

Functional characteristics


±50 mm



1000 Kg.


Maximum friction

5 Nm




Compressed air supply

Air pressure

6÷10 Bar

(width x depth x height)


450x450x50 mm