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HD600 tilt
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Take an electro-hydraulic tyre changer capable of handling truck, coach and tractor tyres up to 26” and power it with a soundproofed power generator to make it completely independent. Now install it in an absolutely standard van with load capacity up to 3.5 T, which is easily done given its reduced weight and size, and its design which makes it suitable for handling by a lift truck.

And to finish, imagine you could work on the roadside or at the client's premises just as if you were back at the workshop, with the same efficiency and quality results. Well, now you've got a picture of the new HD600 tilt.
CORGHI has exploited its many years of leadership in the industry to create a one-of-a-kind tool, designed to meet the needs of mobile service companies and coach and shipping fleets.
All mounting and demounting operations are done in the usual way, the novelty of the new unit being its very compact size and the specially designed tool arm, which can swing out or fold back in seconds from the sliding door at the side of the van, thus enabling you to change damaged tyres quickly, simply and completely automatically.

In the standby position, the HD600 tilt is ideal for transporting on a standard van, but in operation it has all the outstanding features of your workshop tyre changer.

The advantages of being able to transport professional equipment of this type on a 3.5T - van instead of needing a special truck are very clear: you need only a B license to drive it, costs are limited, response time to call outs is very fast, and you can travel freely at weekends, which means on-road service 7 days a week.

The unit's reduced weight and size leave plenty of space inside the van for tools and tyres, with no risk of exceeding the allowed loading limit.

And since it can be moved with a normal lift truck, the HD600 tilt is quick to fit inside the van, while the unified tyre changer/power generator base with low centre of gravity ensures that it is stable and secure.

The tyre changer can handle tyres from 13” to 26”, including all types of low profile, super single and latest generation Run Flat tyres, while the unit is designed to work on all vans with truck bed height from 400 to 665 mm.

  • The HD600 tilt is an electrohydraulic semi-automatic tyre changer for truck, bus and tractor wheels up to 26”, equipped with a soundproofed power generator.
  • Designed for working on vans (3.5 tons) with truck bed height from 400 to 665mm (maximum 600mm with HD600 tilt installed).

  • Equally suitable for left-hand or right-hand drive vans.

  • Quick to install and handle thanks to the combination of the tyre changer and generator on a single base, designed to take lift truck forks.

  • The tyre changer can be run on the workshop mains or using the power generator.

  • Tool arm ready for use in just a few seconds.

  • Wheels clamped on spindle by means of a hand-operated mechanical clamping system.

  • Tool roller support arm for bead breaking, demounting and mounting.

  • 3-position fully manual roller arm carriage.

  • Equipped with special demounting tool for tube-type, super single and Run Flat tyres.

Technical data

tool arm

lengthways stroke

500 mm

max. bead breaking lengthways
force on inside

15.000 N

max. bead breaking lengthways
force on outside

21.000 N

radial stroke






spindle carriage

hydraulic lengthways stroke

670 mm

lengthways stroke/working speed

52 mm/s


clamping system

manual turntable

rotation motor

electric, 1,1 kw

rotation speed

6 rpm

rotation torque

1.700 Nm

clamping fixtures

4 (clamps)

clamping capacity

from 13” to 26’’

maximum tyre diameter

1.300 mm

maximum tyre width

600 mm

maximum wheel weight

1.000 kg

wheel central hole minimum Ø

140 mm

spindle shaft minimum working height

350 mm

power unit



electric motor

1,1 kw

adjustable hydraulic pressure

110 bar

oil tank

6 l

control module



electrical voltage

24 V


8 kg


complete with power generator

820 kg

Generator technical data HD600 Tilt (soundproofed version)

technical data


Lombardini LDW 702


17 HP





electrical switching-on


possible uses

air and electricity

compressor unit


10/12 bar

generated volume

56 m3/h

actual capacità

42 m3/h


electrical voltage

230 1ph / 400 3ph

output power

2.000W 1ph / 6.000W 3ph

nr. of connectors

1 1ph / 1 3ph

air supply


90 l