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EXACT BlackTech

BlackTech the revolution in passive target wheel aligner technology.

EXACT BlackTech uses the only aligner to use real spatial measurement technology.


Passive target wheel aligners, the technological state-of-the-art in the sector, use measuring targets which do not have any electronic components, unlike ordinary CCD or string sensors. The angles are measured by means of cameras located well outside the operator’s working area, making the system more reliable.


The innovative BlackTag target and the NIR (Near InfraRed) digital vision technology make the EXACT BlackTech an high-tech wheel aligner .

The BlackTag, made from leading-edge materials, is lightweight, tough and compact, for guaranteed reliability and better handling in even the most demanding working conditions.

The EXACT BlackTech, with its 8 high-definition NIR cameras, uses 2 cameras for each target: stereoscopic measurement, accuracy, repeatability and a vast measuring range are assured.

The NIR vision technology allows troublefree operation in even the most difficult ambient light conditions, and does not require the use of lamps or disturb the operator with flashing lights.

The cameras’ working range allows measurement of the characteristic angles of the cars currently in calculation, within the lift’s normal working travel, with no need for systems to raise the cameras themselves.


The data processing unit is equipped with a premium PC using Windows XP PROFESSIONAL operating system and the new Corghi “EXACT PLUS” wheel alignment software.

The aligner has all the carefully crafted details, fine design and ergonomics for which Corghi “Made in Italy” products are justly famous.

High-definition LCD monitor, colour inkjet printer and a vast range of accessories let the EXACT BT cover all Corghi customers’ varied needs.


·         Computerised passive target wheel aligner.

·         8 high-definition cameras. Stereoscopic measurement of wheel targets.

·         NIR vision technology for work even in the most difficult ambient light conditions.

·         BlackTag target: tough, corrosion-proof material. Reliable even in the most demanding working conditions.

·         Entire lift working range covered without the use of camera lift systems or other external accessories.

·         On 2 camera working positions, user-friendliness and shorter cycle time.

·         Compatible with the dimensions of the cars currently in circulation.

·         Measurements with correction of lift levelling error.

·         Premium PC and Windows XP PROFESSIONAL operating system.

·         EXACT PLUS, the professional’s wheel alignment software. Intuitive and complete.

·         Push-type ROC and ROC skip option.

·         High productivity: car wheel alignment checked in just 4 minutes.

·         Databank with more than 18.000 vehicles subdivided into geographical areas for easy search.

·         No problem with low spoilers.

·         No wires or batteries.

·         Light weight.

·         Vast range of accessories tailored to Corghi customers’ every need.

Corghi reserves the right to modify the technical specifications of its products at any time.

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