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TPMS reader

The portable TPMS Reader has been designed to diagnose the correct operation of the valves equipped with pressure sensor.
It is important, for the tyre repairer who accepts a car equipped with TPMS in order to invert or replace the tyres, to check that valve sensors operate correctly.
If one or more sensors do not work, the customer must be informed that this situation existed before the servicing was carried out.
If all the sensors work correctly, the car must be redelivered to the customer in the same conditions, proving the tyre repairer's professionalism.



•    Diagnosis of the correct operation of the valves upon vehicle acceptance and redelivery
•    Saving of the sensors / wheels positions during the inversion procedure
•    Tyres and / or valves replacement
•    Status check of the valve sensors batteries
•    Tyre pressure check without connecting the hose to the valve
•    Display of the max. tightening torque
•    Possibility of updating the cars / valves file with PC Windows, using an USB port placed outside the equipment

Technical specifications

•    4 x 16 character backlighted LCD display (yellow / green)
•    5-key keypad(UP, DOWN, ENTER, ESC) + ON/OFF
•    Power supply: 6 rechargeable AA Ni MH batteries
•    Auto Power Off
•    LF valve transmission enabling
•    Valves data reception through Radio Frequency (ASK, FSK) on a 433/868MHz carrier(EU) – 315 MHz (USA-J)

Corghi reserves the right to modify the technical specifications of its products at any time.