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The lift is available in three models:

  without base, when the floor is suitable for column fixing

  with light base, to make installation on a medium-quality floor easier

  with load-bearing base, when the floor does not meet the minimum requirements (ERCO 3212 CBP)


The lifting movement is produced by an electric motor with belt reduction and worm gear, with load-bearing nut screw for each column. Drive and synchronisation of the two columns are guaranteed by a roller chain. The load-bearing nut screw is made in special bronze, while the safety nut screw is in cast iron. The columns are inclined outwards in relation to the vehicle travel direction for easier door opening. They are very stable and strong and have a particularly impressive cross-section, giving the immediate idea of a well-designed machine with care taken over every tiny detail. The arm support carriage has internal travel system, guided in 8 points by shoes and wheels with a very low friction coefficient. The lift pads are at a very short distance above the ground, allowing operation even on low vehicles.

The oil lubrication system requires very little maintenance and is designed to prevent oil leaks. The lifting arms are asymmetrical, with short three-stage arm, and have a minimum height of just 113 mm if the columns are mounted on the plates and of 125 mm if the lift is mounted on a light base.

Each lift column is equipped with a cast iron safety nut screw to ensure that the load is securely supported if the load-bearing nut screw fails due to wear.


A mechanical device prevents the lift from rising if the main nut screw has failed and the operator tries to give the up command when the lift is in the fully-lowered condition.


A safety device detects breakage of the transmission chain and cuts out the lift’s controls.


An automatic lift arm locking system prevents them from rotating after the first 30 mm of travel.


Upper and lower limit stop microswitches stop the support carriage mechanically.


The arms and columns are fitted with a set of foot guards to prevent feet from being placed in danger zones

 Corghi reserves the right to modify the technical specification of their products at any time without prior notice.