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Medium-high range, large-sized machine
with monitor, for off-vehicle
balancing of car, van and motorcycle
wheels, with roomy weight-holder tray
featuring a generous array of weight
and cone storage compartments.

Technical data



Balancing speed

75/85/98 rpm

Maximum unbalance value calculated

999 g 


1 g

Average spin time

5,5 sec

Shaft diameter

40 mm

Rim width setting range

1.5”- 20”

Rim diameter setting range

1” - 30”

Maximum wheel width (with guard)

600 mm

Maximum wheel diameter (with guard)


Maximum wheel weight (even without anchoring to floor)

 75 Kg

Machine body/wheel flange distance

275 mm 

Switching power supply adapter

100/230 V 

Power supply adapter

1Ph 100-230V 50-60Hz

Total power absorption 400 W

400 W

Machine weight

160/352 (kg/lb)



  Corghi reserves the right to modify the technical specifications of its products at any time.