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• Machine of considerable size, with wide level surface and several spaces for weights and cones
• Possibility to have the ELS (Electronic Locking System) swinging unit with a high level clamping run (70 mm)
• Automatic positioning at the end of the launch, with wheel rotation in both directions

Visualising unit features
• Rear-light display with high definition graphic elements
• Display head adjustable according to the operator’s needs

 Technical Data

Shaft diameter

40 mm


piezoelectric, touch-sensitive

Braking device

with high power disc brake

Spin device


Changeable launch speed

75-85-98 rpm

Maximum angular resolution

 512 positions (precision: 0,7°)

Wheels features - data


Adjustable rim width

1,5 “ - 20 “

Adjustable rim diameter

1” - 30 “

Maximum wheel width (with protection)

600  mm

Max. wheel diameter (with protection)

1117 mm (44”)

Max. wheel weight (even without ground fixing)

75 Kg

Sensor features


Sensor arm sliding type

on ball bearings

Dist. bet. the body’s upper side and the flange leaning surf.

273 mm

Sensor total stroke

360 mm

Sensing head

with metal hook on the weight

Sensor type


Wheel protection features


Wheel protection


Protection movement

balanced and cushioned

Reliability / maintenance features


Rapid updating of the software

compact-flash memory

Easy accessibility of the components

rear and side gates

Machine setting

withour wheel or disc

Power supply

switching 100 - 230 V

Corghi reserves the right to modify the technical specifications of its products at any time.