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Artiglio 50 Lower view camera

Version with lower view camera
(available with the machine only)

New Artiglio 50 version with fitted telecamera. Ideal for operating in an ergonomic way, on particularly demanding wheels that require the absolute surveillance of the work phases, even on the lower edge of the wheel (recommended version Michelin - PAX System).

Also available in the version Telecamera + Inflatron electronic inflator.

Main Characteristics

1) Telecamera kit
• Adjustable, to ensure the correct field of vision for the operator.
• 5.5” LCD monitor

2) PAX System Kit for wheels (optional accessory)
• Easy and practical to use
• Mechanical diameters selection that allows you to work on both sides of the wheel, simply moving the PAX System tool.
• Universal system that works on all types of PAX System wheels (standard, RR, Bugatti).

Corghi reserves the right to modify the technical specifications of its products at any time.