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Electro-hydraulic four-post lift for total alignment


Electro-hydraulic lift made in accordance with the Machine Directive, the EN 1493/98 and the standards defining earthing and low voltage. Lab-tested for electromagnetic compatibility.
Reversible load positioning on the runways. Runway configuration for wheel alignment with rear swinging plates and front table seats.
Lifting device composed by one cylinder with steel ropes
Ø 13 mm with cable tension check system. Adjusting device for levelling the runways inside the posts. Standard delivered hand pump for emergency operations and drive-on ramps hanging. Anchoring bolts to ground included.

Main Characteristics

SAFETY DEVICES:  Voluntary driven controls, parachute valve, overload valve, lowering speed adjusting valve, anti-crushing device with stop at safety height and acoustic warning device during the final stroke to ground, mechanical safety racks with automatic engagement and air operated release, vehicle overturning preventing devices, upper limit stop adjusting device, included.

Optional accessories

Additional hydraulic lift, sliding on the runways, with two grip points and extensible, with two sets of pads of different height, all included.

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Technical Data


4.000 Kg

Electrical power supply 3 Ph

230/400 V - 50/60 Hz

Electrical power supply 1 Ph

230 V - 50/60 Hz

Pneumatic supply

5 ÷ 8 Bar / 0,5 ÷ 0,8 MPa

Lift type

4-posts electro-hydraulic with cables

Runway type

For wheel alignment with front turntable housing
(49 x 510 mm) and rear oscillating platforms

Maximum lifting height

1.850 mm

Minimum height from ground

200 mm

Runway width

650 mm

Runway length 4.940 mm

Internal distance between columns

2.740 mm 

Emergency hand pump



Attached to the runways

Raising/lowering time 

60/50 sec

Air power supply

5-8 bar

Accessories included

2 turntable spacers for the runway;
plugs for fixing the columns to ground

Accessories included

1.700 Kg


EC (load layouts according to EN1493)

Corghi reserves the right to modify the technical specifications of its products at any time.