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Electronic balancing machine with microprocessor for off-vehicle wheels of cars, vans and motorcycles.

EM 7240
Version with manual acquisition of the wheel distance and diameter

EM 7240 DD
Version with automatic acquisition of the wheel distance and diameter

Due to the low balancing speed and the double spinning button, the wheel balancer does not require the wheel guard in CE areas. Wheel guard available for the italian market. Both models are available with wheel guard and automatic wheel spin by lowering the wheel guard.

Techinical data



Umbalance amount indication

Two digital displays

Umbalance position indication


Balancing speed

90 - 130 rpm

Maximum umbalance value calculated

999 g


1 g

Average cycle time

7 s

Shaft diameter

40 mm

Rim width setting range

 1,5” – 20”

Rim diameter setting range

1” – 35”

Rim diameter measurable with the gauge

 10” - 28”

Data input

Manual acquisition via keyboard in basic version. Automatic acquisition diameter/distance in DD version

Automatic cycle


Maximum wheel width (with guard)

600 mm 

Maximum wheel diameter (with guard)

1117 mm (44")

Maximum wheel weight
(anchoring the machine to the floor)

75 kg

Machine body / wheel flange distance

275 mm

ALU / ALU P programs

5 ALU programs + 2 ALU P programs

Self-calibration  YES
Flanges holder
Power supply
115V / 230V - 1 Ph
Total power absorption
100 W
Machine weight 75 kg

The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the characteristics of its products at any time.