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1957 - hunting lure

It is a simple and, to a certain extent, exemplary story that recounts the roots of the Corghi company. A story thet begins in the heart of Emilia, a spacoius and vibrant area that ever since the initial post-war perios has confirmed a never ending propensity to develop a modern enterpreunerial mentality, especially in the mechanical sector.


In 1947, the brothers Erminio and Remo Corghi began to reap the rewards of their business skills and ingenuity, building radios and inventing a special hunting with tape recorder. Six years later, in 1954, Corghi electromechanics was born. The trademark with the nightingale, which from this moment on becomes the symbol of the company, begins to earn well-deserved admiration.

The company developed its mechanical abilities over a wide sector: Tv voltage stabilisers, agricultural machinery, household appliances, mechano-textile equipment. Years brimming with ideas that are developed without waiting for the right opportunity to come along.

The automobile boom explodes in 1960 and the Corghi brothers are ready. They invent and patent the world's first tyre changer which is the best way of attacking the market. The company takes off and never stops soaring.

Today Corghi is the absolute leader in the italian market and a world leader in the vehicle assistance equipment sector.